Sex with Myself. Literally. Part 1

I blinked, just to be sure. The other set of eyes didn’t blink back.

"Tell me about it," future me replied. "I can’t decide which experience is weirder; doing this for the first time or doing it again from the other perspective."

I knew it’d been ridiculous to blow my entire paycheck on a black-market time-jump, especially considering unauthorized time travel was a level 2 offense, punishable by up to 20 years. Even a small jump like this (which only allowed you to go about a week maximum into the future or past and which pulled you back automatically after about 6 hours) was a serious offense. Loads of people had gotten into real trouble, not just with the authorities, but by doing stupid shit like killing their own great-great-grandfathers so that they were never born. That’s why I’d decided to jump into the future- just one day- so that future me would already know I was coming, because she’d done it herself. I had to congratulate myself on my reasoning. And I was just after a bit of harmless fun, same as most who jump illegally. People know it happens, and most call it perverted. The ones who do it just call it advanced masturbation. There was, technically speaking, no law against having sex with yourself.

Still, it was my first time, and I was a bit nervous, so I asked, "Does this work?"

"Oh yeah," future me replied. "I had an awesome time. I hope it’s as good the second time around."

"I’ll do my best."

"I know," she said and winked. My nerves began to subside; I’d not only get through this, but be eager for more tomorrow when the me from yesterday would show up in my bedroom at exactly midnight in nothing but a lacy black bra and matching thong. All the same, I hoped future me would take the lead. She, of course, already knew this and didn’t disappoint. "Let’s get started, then." She moved in close and, placing her hand at the back of my neck, gently but firmly brought me in for a kiss. It was the strangest feeling knowing I was literally kissing myself, and I think it was the abnormality which turned me on. I kissed back and let my hands feel the curvature of her back and ass, clad in a pair of skimpy, deep-purple panties. As we kissed I hooked my finger inside the hem and tugged suggestively. Future me chuckled, taking the hint and beginning to unclasp my bra while I worked my hand into the panties and ran my palm along her smooth ass. I’d worked hard to perfect my figure- slender with just the right amount of curves- and I had to say, from an outside point of view I’d done a good job. I wondered briefly if this made me a narcissist.

When my bra was on the floor, future me cupped my breasts in her warm hands and stroked them gently in the way I knew I liked. Slowly she bent and flicked her tongue against my right nipple, sending a shiver of excitement up my spine. She swirled her tongue for a moment before giving the left nipple the same treatment. I bit my lip, now severely turned on. I moved my hand to the front of her panties and pressed my fingers against her shaven pussy. She moaned lightly and we both knew we’d have to speed things up. We were always impatient once turned on.

We moved to the bed and proceeded to strip. There wasn’t much point in teasing it out; neither one of our bodies held any surprises for the other. "Lay down," she said, indicating the center of the bed. "You first this time." I did as I was told, legs bent and spread, revealing my eagerness for attention. The future me situated herself between my legs and began running her fingers along the lips of my pussy, getting me excited. She rubbed her thumb in tantalizingly slow circles around my clit so that I moaned. My anticipation mounted as she smiled and sunk down, positioning her head between my legs. And as I felt the tip of my own tongue begin to circle my throbbing clit, I couldn’t give a fuck what the rest of the world, or even my own parents would have thought about what I was doing: I thought it was fucking spectacular. I moaned as the slick muscle applied steady pressure as it slid over my whole pussy- between my lips, paying special attention to my clit, and even a few times darting inside of me and swirling around a bit before returning to stimulate my clit once more. Every other breath came out as a moan as the pleasure began building.

My hips began bucking and, knowing instinctively what I wanted, the future me pressed harder at my clit while inserting one, then two fingers into my pussy. "I’m inside myself. Holy shit, I’m inside myself. This is wicked," I thought amid the haze of pleasure. I felt the fingers inside me find my g-spot and begin stroking it, eliciting another loud moan from my lips. As she stroked and thrust she also started to suck hard on my clit just the way I liked right before orgasm. Sure enough, I could feel the pleasure beginning to peak. I began to cry out in time to each stroke, building toward the final release. It washed over me in a wave of small explosions that swelled from between my legs and spread rapidly so that my whole body tensed and I let out a long wail of ecstasy. Future me didn’t stop; she was thrusting her fingers wildly and every movement sent a new wave of pleasure through my body, coupled with the shocks I was receiving each time I felt her teeth run along my clit. Eventually the pleasure began to ebb, and I let her know I was finishing up by letting my tense form relax. She became gentler, replacing hard sucking with the return of soft strokes with her tongue. Eventually I gave a shudder and relaxed completely.

She sat up, wiped her mouth, smiled and said, "I’m good, aren’t I?"

"Yes, I am," I replied cheekily despite my breathlessness. "Do you want a go?"

"Nah, we did that last night. Gotta keep it exciting."

"Touche. Well you already know how this goes, so what next?"

"This," she said, and pulled from under the bed a large, rubber dildo and a thin, plastic vibrator. "I know I was interested in playing with my toys."

"Both of them?" I asked excitedly. She grinned wickedly and motioned for me to move aside. She took my spot in the center of the bed.

"Now," she said eagerly, "get on top of me." I did so, straddling her stomach, looking down into the face of what could’ve been my identical twin. Again I felt turned on. I was definitely a narcissist. She handed me the larger dildo and said, "now turn around. We’re going to 69." I felt a thrill of excitement and complied eagerly, swivelling around and positioning myself so that my head was now between her legs. She bent her knees, giving my hands room to work. I heard the buzz of the vibrator behind me and suddenly felt its tip press lightly against my still-sensitive clit, and my hips jerked from the shock.

"Start slowly," she said. "Just lick me first. You know what you like." I bent my head and ran my tongue along her clitoris and felt her shudder beneath me. I began making slow circles, the way she’d done for me. Meanwhile I felt her tongue beginning to work me over again while the tip of the vibrator now started to work its way into my hole. I moaned through my mouthful of pussy as I felt the long shaft slide smoothly into me, vibrating gently against the inner walls of my wet pussy. I wanted to do the same to her with the dildo- after all, whatever pleasure I gave her today I knew I would experience for myself tomorrow. But I had to get her wet first, and for that, I had to excite her. I picked up the pace with my tongue, pushing more firmly against her clitoris and hearing her moan as well. I’d always found 69ing extremely erotic- something about both giving and being given pleasure at the same time. The experience was enhanced knowing I was doing it to myself. I licked and sucked, soon working two fingers into her now moist pussy as the vibrator was thrust slowly in and out of me, my clit still being stimulated by her tongue. It felt amazing, but I knew she wouldn’t pick up the pace until we were on the same page.

When I knew she was wet enough, I removed my fingers. I spit on the head of the dildo and worked my saliva over the instrument with my hand, making sure it was good and lubricated. I placed the tip of the head at her opening and began applying steady pressure. With a push, the head popped in. Her hips bucked and she moaned her approval. I kept pushing until most of the shaft was inside her, then withdrew. I struck up a slow rhythm, all the while moving my tongue over her clitoris. I felt the vibrations inside me increase in intensity and the speed of her thrusts picked up. I mimicked her tempo and soon we were thrusting in opposing rhythm, the vibrator entering my body as the dildo withdrew from hers, and vice versa. We kept picking up speed and our hips began bucking frantically, both of us desperate for more. We began sucking each other at the same time as my orgasm approached. I was pumping the dildo in and out of her as hard and fast as I could manage, wanting us to come at the same time. Then, without warning, the vibrator inside me was turned up to maximum. I cried out in ecstasy just as she did as we both climaxed, still jerking and thrusting frantically. Eventually it began to subside I rolled sideways and collapsed onto the bed next to her, still basking in the afterglow of the most fantastic orgasm I’d ever had in my life.

"So," said the future me breathlessly after a moment, "what now?"

Panting, I replied, "you already know what comes next."

"I know that," she said propping herself up on one arm to grin at me wickedly. "But I want to hear you say it. C’mon. What do you want to do next?"

Sex with Myself. Literally. Part 1